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User Agreement

Performing registration actions on website, The User confirms his absolute agreement with the current User Agreement and is fiully responsibile for non-compliance consequences with the current document provisions.

The current User Agreement is a legally confirmed contract between CRYPTO BROKERS CAPITAL company and an individual, registering a personal account on the website

Both men and women over 21 years old with free will of making responsible financial decisions and a developed sense of awareness of their actions consequences are allowed to invest in the project.

The investor confirms his personal financial independence from any third parties as well as certifies that the money amounts used by him as investment funds are of legal origin and, moreover, they have confirming bureaucratic documents.

The user is obliged by all means available to him to protect his own personal data from other private and legal entities, including registration data and payment details. CRYPTO BROKERS CAPITAL is not responsible for the User's unfair attitude to personal data, which results in the account or other data loss.

CRYPTOBROKERS project heads categorically condemns any attempts or facts of fraud and guarantees, which tough measures are immediately taken against intruders, including account suspension and freezing of money.

CRYPTO BROKERS CAPITAL is entitled to make the decision on any contentious issues between the company and the User within the financial investment project CRYPTOBROKERS, as well as, in particular, the current User Agreement.